well got back from the county fair

and it was fun! what an exhausting day tho. and not the 90 degree heat, blazing sun and constant walking. my kids had me running this way and that, lol. lets play this! oo i wanna see that! can we ride that one? then they dragged me all over the yard when we got home!

still, it was a fun day. we won prizes, got to see some horses, went on rides. my kids have never been to a fair/carnival before so it was great. i havent been in almost 15 years either. i used to go EVERY year.

we won some goldfish too. my daughter dropped one and the bag burst open. she  cried for like 10 minutes tho lol,  but we managed to save him.   hes swimming happily in out tank right now ^_^


  1. That sounds like fun! I'm hoping to go to an amusement park this weekend. Dangerous looking rides FTW :P

  2. OMG!! I haven't been to anything like that since I was a kid eons ago. Not... saying that I am OLD mind yah.... :P lol


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