tired of people

so just when i am about to just give up on this so called 'internet social life', real life gets more interesting. and by interesting, i mean unpleasant. so my new neighbors, such LOVELY people, with their loud partying at all hours, and driving 30 miles and hour in and out of the driveway (where children play) and their kennel of barking dogs, have declared me the neighborhood bitch! because i had a problem with their dogs running loose all over the place and shitting in my yard where my kids gotta play. you know i dont know how they can STAND living next to me.
so even tho the sims community is full of jerks and drama is driving all my friends away, its still the only pathetic social life i have.. i sure as hell cant go outside.
im just about ready to crawl into a hole somewhere and not come back out.
well tomorrow i am going to the county fair, so i have at least THAT to look forward to...


  1. I'm sorry you're having problems with you neighbors.
    I had a few that didn't like me because I wouldn't tolerate their dogs.
    I really don't understand people anymore.
    Don't crawl into a hole please.

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  3. When someone stands up for what they believe in, the person that disagrees with them is usually labels the other something negative. It is an extremely rare occasion where human beings deal with these kind of situations like certified mature adults. No matter where you go, internet or otherwise these people exist. Just a true fact of life. I lived in a community where a similar situation escalated to one party being jailed so I really hope you and your neighbors are able to come to a more civil arrangement. Good luck

    Edit: deleted the former post for the myriad of typos. Geez I can't type today

  4. this guy is really bad. hes also trying to start a race war with one of our other neighbors a few houses down. hes just a really foul individual :|...and obnoxious

  5. Stand your ground on all fronts, whether online or outside. Can't do much for the noise except file complaints, but when it comes to the dogs crapping. That is YOUR yard. Does your city/state have a leash law?

    I'd nip that shit in the bud real quick, and if I lived near you, I'd help you out if I could. It seems that every day that passes, another person loses common decency. But if you do want to leave the simming community, do it for yourself and not because of other people. I'll miss you, but like Cat Lady said, please don't go. =(

    If you need to vent, feel free to do it on muh blog, I'll happily listen. =)

  6. We use to have horrible as well, but now they are in jail, because they are a group of thieving a-holes.

    two cans of gas, gone...
    Tools, gone...
    CD's in our cars, gone...
    2 Generators, gone...
    Barbecue grill, gone...
    And the thing that pissed me off the most... my dog, gone...

    The best part is, this happened just a few days after Katrina had hit, and we were useing the generators because we had no power, and it was 100 freaking degrees outside.

    Anyway... Next time they are partying, call the cops on them, and if you're lucky, they will be high or somthing and be arrested, it's always fun watching people you don't like getting arrested. :-)

    PS. I have pretty much quit going to the sims 3 site, it's not as fun because, all of the people I liked, are now perma-banned... you're one of the few left that I liked, you are always so nice to people, and if you leave, I will miss you.

  7. Embrace not being the girl nextdoor but the B*tch across te street. Call animal control and report them everytime their dogs are running loose. Is there any way you can put up a temporary fence?

  8. i am SERIOUSLY considering calling animal control on those dogs, but im generaly not the 'cop caller' type. but last night his loud obnoxious friends were yelling and slamming car doors waking me up at 3 am so im in a REAL foul mood today. he better just hope he doesnt piss me off. and hes getting sneaky, only letting the dogs loose at night when no one is around. so we dont SEE them. but we still see shit, and our outside cats have been attacked..
    i seriously hate this guy

  9. I never post anywhere ever except the ea thingy, but I hope you keep coming back there. You're great (and it's hard following all the different blogs). If more people had bad moods as graciously as you the world would be much nicer.

  10. Zeri, make sure to keep logs of all that goes on with them so that you can have a detailed written record of everything. Get pictures and/or video if you can too. The more proof and records you have, the easier it might be later on to really get something done if you decide to file any sort of formal complaint.

    That sort of thing just pisses me off. It's so obnoxious and unfair -- you REALLY shouldn't have to pay to live in your home AND deal with that bs. I really hope everything works out, even if you have to get tough & nasty with these a-holes (and they're starting a race war?! SOBs....that's some serious shiz).

    **hugs & noogies** good luck with it Zeri -- if nothing else, you have all of us that support you and will at least be here for you and listen. Damn those stupid people....

  11. The only problem I have is with my family. They annoy me every single day.. but I'm working on that. xD

  12. its even worse when its your own family, there is no escape lol

  13. I have a drunk neihbor who rides a riding lawn mower and hoops n hoola's, but that's just funny. lol xD Anyways, things always work out in the end. Don't let em stress yah. Karma holds true. What comes around, goes around, and another favorite saying of mine? Payback, is a b_tch! ;) They will gets theirs. Bad always comes back on yah. hugs :)


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