men suck

so find one and punch him.  Photobucket

(ok obviously there ARE a few good ones out there, so dont go on a punching spree lol) but my boyfriend buddy has got me really pissed off. He comes over last night, talking a mile a minute, about some messege he got on myspace with a half naked girl (the pig actualy printed the picture to show everyone) claiming it was some ex girlfriend he got pregnant when she was 15 (dont even GET me started on THAT topic) and the girl wants him to go and be with her.
yeah ok, whats the big deal you say? HES GOT 4 FUCKIN KIDS AND A GF AT HOME.
and this peice of shit, wants to abandon his 'wife' and 4 kids, to go lay some dimwit slut who sent him a dirty picture on myspace??? i wanted to fukin punch the guy!!!
its non of my business and im trying to stay out of it, but i got half a mind to go tell his gf.... she can probalby do alot better than a twit like him. altho with 4 young kids all close in age it will be hard for her to find a guy. they are only 20 for crissake.. which means they got started early..
yano, THIS is the reason teen should NOT have babies.. your not even done having fun and living your life, and you wanna tie yourself down with kids?? WAKE THE HELL UP!!!
this asshole doesnt even help her around the house. he plays video games all day and hang out with his buddies and just lets her cook, clean, and raise their litter. like hes completely not responsible for ANY of the children and the woman should just do it all.. i tell ya, im about boiling fucking mad at this guy.
why is it so hard to find a DECENT man who will actualy care about you? ARRRGGHH!!!!!        Photobucket


  1. He'll get his when he has a test done one day and discovers that he has a plethora of STDs. Just saying. It's probably best to stay out of it, but I know that I would want someone to tell me if I was being cheated on... or about to be. Whatever.

  2. I think you should tell the girlfriend. I know you said it's none of your business but she's probley ginna get her heart broken by this git. And how dare he bring the pictuure of the naked girl to SHOW you! I mean who does that, shows their mates of what their exs look like with no clothes on? And besides from the point, what if your kids saw that? I certainly wouldn't like seeing something like that.
    So yeah, he's obviously gonna beak her heart. Or he's trying to score points with your boyfriend.

    Non-girls need to be trained, just not very many are trained ery ell at all. Yanno, this is all pat of the reason I'm scared of men. UGH!

  3. they do need trained. especially if there momma didnt raise em right

  4. As the moron in question is certainly not a man, shouldn't this be a rant about "dumbass boys who think with their dicks"? Or maybe "clueless little sperm donors"? Or... never mind, I could go on all night.

  5. lol yeah thats a good point there.


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