isnt it interesting...

my kids were telling me about a commercial they saw where a guy had a snake on his foot and he kicked it up into the air and ran or something like that... and i got a bit offended by that idea.. you know, it make me angey the double standard human being have about most of our fellow earthlings.

if this were a puppy, EVERYONE would flip out. but since its a 'yucky' snake, its ok to abuse it? its ok to fling it across the room because most of society thinks they are gross?
im sorry, but thats fucked up, plain and simple. if ANY animal has rights, ALL animals have right. cute OR yucky. why do bats and snakes and bugs and mice get 'exterminated' as pests? yet stray cats get sheltered and pampered.

im not suggesting cats deserve less treatment. im only demonstrating the way we as people prejudice against certain creatures in this world. i think it sucks. all creatures deserve our care and protection. not just the 'cute' ones


  1. Totally agreed. I love snakes, they ARE cute. Ao are rats and mice. And bats are cute too, they have little tiny faces and awwwwwwwwww!!!!!! *goes to look at cute bat pictures on Google*

    But flies and moths can go. And spiders, they're icky. BLEAH!

  2. lol bats ARE cute! i get them in my house all the time because they roost in the eves of the house, and sometimes they get into the attic. poor little things, my cat mangled one the other night. the only thing i worry about is rabies. other than that, bats are completely harmless and cute, and really beneficial to the eco system. you know they can eat 3x their body weight in mosquitoes every night?

  3. I think you can get bats as pets can't you? I've seen reptiles (not quite cute and cuddley but still sweet and fun to watch) and rats in Pets At Home. I love the little tiny dwarf hamsters too and the degus!

    But yes, bats are so sweet! Especially those little baby ones I posted on Simpletons. =-D I'm not too sure about their diet though, I think I'll stick to being a hu(wo)man thanks. XD Though they'd make great pets because they could get rid of all the nasty bugs.

    I like bees too, but people are often scared because they sting. They don' want to sting though because if they do they die, they'll only do it if provoked. Wasps are little nasties though! Ugh!

    And SNAKES!!!!!!! I love snakes!!!! I'm not just saying that, snales are awesome. My favorite snae ever has to be the Incredibly Deadly Viper from the Lemony Snicket books. So cute the way it just plays with little Sunny.

    Okay, now I'm rambling, I'll see myself out. Wait... *looks at chatbox* I'm DEAD arn't I? Oh... Then I best erm... Zeri, how can I comment if I'm dead?

  4. Um,I don't like icky snakes.LOL
    I have encountered a 5 ft black snake in my back yard,3 times now.
    I can't say I'm surprised at the number of people who say "Kill IT" but I just tell them "I don't want to hurt it,I just don't wanna be it's best friend".
    I think I would be really upset if I saw that commercial.

  5. a 5 foot black snake!?? omg i want it!!! lol

  6. My parents killed a copperhead in their side yard the other day. There are acres and acres of woods behind their house, and over the years we've encountered all sorts of critters and larger animals. Whenever the people in the neighborhood encounters snakes, though, they pretty much kill them, no questions asked.

    I like snakes, but I don't think I'd be a very good snake owner! It would be just my luck to get one that was a master escape artist or something....though I can imagine how awesome it would be to have one (or a cool lizard) to watch after and care for.

    Conservation efforts can sometimes be short-sighted -- if we save nothing but the 'cute' animals, we run the risk creating serious imbalances in the environment. Even the slimy guys have their purpose.

    Speaking of bats, we got a chance to see some at Moody Gardens in Galveston up close & personal....VERY VERY personal. I had no idea that the male bats....groomed EVERY part of themselves as...THOROUGHLY as they do. And looked like they were enjoying the HELL out of it. It was really something to see...those were some of the happiest bats I've ever seen! LOL xP


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