a depressing poem i wrote once

how do you know when a soul dies? is it quick? like a flash of lightning, bright and hot, and leaving behind only darkeness. or is it slow. a thick noxious mire that bogs you down untill you no longer desire to fight. perhaps it just slips away, unnoticed. like life blood, empt upon the battlefield.

my heart has grown so numb. i should feel pain, i should feel love, i should FEEL. all that i was is gone now. my chest aches. my heart has died, and all that remains is a fetid corpse of meat and rot. i no longer desire happiness. i no longer desire love. i want only to be numb..


  1. =[ That is depressing. However, you are good at evoking emotion through words!

  2. I agree with xXAngelicEvilXx I think its really deep and it sort of makes you think.

  3. I thinks it's beautifully depressing.

  4. thanx guys. :) i havent written in a while cause my heart just hasnt been in it.. but its inspiring to try to write more :)

  5. Awesome! It's really good. I can feel it. ^^ I just popped in to read a moment. I am not bothering people anymore, anywhere... meh. Hope your doing cool. TTYL hugs :)


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