Jessamine, where are you?

perhaps its just the nervous nellie in me, but you havent been around after making your blog private and now im getting a bit worried. i just hope you are doing alright. believe me i KNOW how negatively some rude comments can effect your whole feeling of self worth. So if it has somthing to do with the haters on your blog, just forget those jackasses.
what kinda person flames a 14 year old girl anyway? i guess i should have defended you. but im seriously noon confrontational and i guess a bit cowardly.
im sorry jess. you didnt really deserve those comments and i should have said something to that poster.
well naught can be done about it now.. i just hope your doing ok and your just out having fun or something ^_^


  1. Oh shit.

    Sorry Zeri!!!! I REALLY didn't mean to worry you like that, don't worry, I'll bring my blog back soon I'm just gonna give it a bit of a makeover in honour of my eriting. Again SSSSSSOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!

  2. oh its ok, dont be sorry!. its just with the timeing i dunno i thought maybe you were upset. :)

  3. We were all worried, but we're gladdo that you're alive. SpippChip and Vid posted about it, too. :D I'll tell 'em you're ok.


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