The newest EA troll battles Kelly_Blake

ok so, earlier i was perusing the EA forum while my daughter napped, and i see this really long thread called 'Unbelievable!' started by Darkslayer.

pretty reasonable argument. And most people were in agreement for the first few pages.. Till THIS fellow showed up.

As many of us regulars know, this guy has been quite the little shit recently. He comes in, makes a completely offtopic and unprokoked attack, and sits back to enjoy the mehem he caused.. and ohboy did it cause meyhem. The first to bite, was Kelly_Blake

of course this was just the sorta thing he was looking for. So we have several pages of back and forth between James, Kally, Darkslayer and Hippie.

Chemical was right on the money there. plenty of people were actualy TRYING to post on topic, but this twit kept insisting on a flame fest.

This guy just didnt seem to know WHAT was going on.. is he agreeing? or disputing? i cant tell.

He really is trying hard to get Darkslayer to react. But shes alot smarter than him.  And he keeps insisting on calling her a 'he'. so obviously hes a noob around here.

Kelly (and just about everyone else) knows all too well what this guy is about. But Gagamummy ended it all with this.

and the thread died, whooopie!


  1. He has done this (basically hijacked) to at least 8 threads that I have read.
    Who knows how many he has hijacked that I haven't read.
    He needs to go.
    The worst troll I have seen yet.

  2. but like many trolls, he very careful about what he says so he doesnt get banned. hes a tricky one

  3. Yeah that JamesMC is a prick. He was hammering down on a couple people pretty hard.

    He thinks he's the bees' knees and even brags on his profile that if he thinks you're stupid, he's going to tell you.

    Although it's great to be upfront and honest about how you feel, there's a time and place for everything.

    However, seeing as he's still spewing hate, I highly doubt the mods will do anything to him. Go figure.

  4. And yeash, I posted on that thread too. If I catch a ban, oh friggin' well.


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