well im a bit confused now. here, i have been following this james guys 'troll' career for a few days, but last few days hes been making a real impression on me. i even told him earlier that i respect him. and i do. hes an intelligent person who happens to be an asshole lol.

i dont like all of the things he says and does, but he seems to at least just be a person speaking his mind. not necessarily out to start trouble.


  1. It's when he calls people fools,idiots and lacking common sense and telling people like Couriervaughan that he is not intelligent enough to be in the forums or telling Midnightpearl to stop whining and stick a Tampon in it that I have a problem with him.
    I'm sure he got a warning from EA when his thread was deleted.
    Now he's playing nice,,for now.

  2. yeah i remember seeing some of that. he certainly is an asshole. but for the most part, he doesnt seem to be deliberately trying to rile people up. hes jusy saying what comes to mind. but hey, i have been wrong before lol.
    my bf is the same way, actualy. hes a bit of an asshole, but he calls it 'being honest'

  3. Yeah, my husband's like that. It's what I call "truth hurts syndrome"

    This guy just seems to be the type that he can't hold back [because I'm guessing it'll cause him physical pain] telling people exactly how he feels.

    Treatment of THS? Get a blog....I mean, I'm not real high on the moral treatment ladder, but she's, I'm not THAT god-awful, especially on forums that I don't own.

  4. I dunno where she's came from, but I meant "sheesh"

  5. I disagree, but each to their own. :) I find him incredibly arrogant and I feel that he does out of his way to aggravate people.


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