well i went into the bathroom this morning to brush my teeth, and i peeked into the little mouse house to see how my pet mousies are doing. and what do i find?
NINE little newborn pinkies. awwwwwwwwww.
both my mice are female so i guess the newer one was preggy when she came from the pet store. she was supposed to be snake food, but i thought she was so cute i kept her lol.
so my little black mouse has nine babies. and she is so tiny! i had a feeling she was preggy, she was looking rather huge last few days. too bad i dont have the room for 9 mousers in there. i guess its some free snake food, eh? i wonder what colors they will be?
i always loved the spotted and colored mice.  i usualy only feed my snake the white ones, but somtimes the pet store is out of those


  1. Well that's the first post I've seen that makes me go "Awwww" and then "Ewwwww" in one comment. Poor mice. =(

  2. lol. but hey a snakes gotta eat too. i cant exactly feed her jello :P

  3. LOL -- That would be funny. But yeah, I know. =[

  4. Oh WOW...i normally hate hate hate mice, but your pet mouse does sound kinda cute...I guess. LOL but yeah, you have to think of your snake too.

    The only live feeding I've ever done is feeding crickets to a little gecko I had. Watching a pet snake eat live mice must really be something...

    How long will it take before they're ready to be fed to the snake?

  5. hmm im not sure. a month or 2 maybe? its been a long time since ive bred mice. i know in about 2 weeks they will be 'fuzzies' and have their coloration.
    ill probably need to buy mice 1 or 2 more times before these are ready. she only about once a month/every three weeks, but she takes 3 or 4 mice at a time.
    i LOVE to watch her eat. call me a sicko if you will, but i see it more of a appreciating raw nature kinda thing. like watching lions devour a zebra on the discovery channel.

  6. well, i grew up in the woods, with a hunter for a dad, i learned the reality of nature at a young age. the circle of life can be cruel, but it is the way it is.

    there is actualy a small update on the mousy situation. i think i mentioned that i had 2 females in the cage together. well, the other female, the white and black spotted oner, is now hovering over the babies and keeping them warm. babysitting, if you will.

    i find this very interesting as she has not had a litter of her own, and yet motherhood still comes so naturally for her. ive never seen mice do this before. usualy when females do this, they have already had mother experience.

    i just thought it was interesting :)


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