elder scrolls addict

time to change the subject. XD
 ok, as some of you may know i have been playing elder scrolls alot lately. well i recently made 2 sims that were inspired by that game.

here, is Mehrunes Dagon

He is named for the main story villian in elder scrolls. i havent beaten it yet, so i have no idea what this dude really looks like. i just used creative liscence.
and he may just be the HOTTEST MALE SIM EVER . evil and sensitive.. god i love those bad boys XD

Here is his brother, Sheogorath


Both are Deadric princes, so i made them brothers. Sheogorath is the main central figure in the shivering isles expansion.  hes completely bonkers and a laugh riot.  i couldnt wait to talk to this guy, he always has something hysterical to say. obviously, his sim is insane and charismatic.. he might be fruit loops, but hes a likeable guy.

well there is my 2 new sims, enjoy ^_^


  1. Nice...especially like the first one.

  2. yeah sheogorath isnt really the handsom lead type lol. i made him mostly for the laughs :p

    but that Mehrunes... oo wee is he smokin!

  3. Me likey Mehrunes! =-D Not too sure about the old dude though... Still I like crazy people so. *shrugs*

  4. hes not actualy old, hes adult. but yeah, i can understand him not being a real hot commodity.. altho he is fun at parties! lol

  5. I use to like that game. It has faded from my interest now :(

    Nice sims though, I like Sheogorath's style xD

  6. Nice...especially like the first one.


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