so whats with all the theivery?

seems lately on the EA forum there is post after post about things being stolen and reposted as someone else's creation. is this some new trend for bored people? or are the copiers only just now being caught?

how loser-y do you have to be to blatantly rip off someone's creation ad re upload it? i mean, WHY? whats the point? recs? who cares? what will they get you? a cookie? NOTHING. zip. NADA.

so why friggin bother? i guess its just to be a thief then. the 'thrill'. grow want a thrill? stand on the top of the stairs and throw yourself off.


  1. Already did that. Didn't work. XD

  2. LOL,I like your suggestion.

    This is't a new trend,by far,I remember months ago Jasonmazda and several other people started threads because their lots were stolen.
    People are just too lazy or can't build but want some credit.
    I can't come up with any other reason.

  3. yeah i really dont understand it. these 'plagiarism' threads always seem to pop up at the same times tho, i find that interesting. so i wonder if the thieves steal things in waves, or ppl only notice at one time

  4. Maybe they just like the avatar image...? LOL.

    Grrrrrrrr...... Seriously now, this really pisses me off. Somebody did this to my friend's Simmie once and they had recs for it where as she DIDN'T. That's why I upload mine to MediaFire.


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