well that kinda sucks

back in the days of sims 2, i did alot of sims stories. i dont really do them anymore (too lazy). i hadnt really thought about any of them much till today when i was talking to my daughter about one of them. then i realized.. the sims 2 site is gone now! so now so is all those stories. :(
including all my Jerry Simmer (which was terribly written but hella funny)
its kinda sad that i lost all those stories. what a shame :(
i suppose i should probably try doing new ones. especialy since we have pose player now. but i dunno...


  1. Give it a try! I'm certain you'll produce a lot of good stories ^^

  2. Yep, yep. Kinda sad that The Sims 2 site is gone. :(

    I've been thinking about getting this pose player. I'll have to look up how it works though, lol.

  3. it actualy really easy. you just put the poses in your package folder (i put them in their own folder in said package folder). then all you do is get the item from buy mode, click on it and select a pose. the biggest problem i have with it, is its hard to find decent poses. everyone does 'model' poses, i want more real life situation type poses. emotions and actions, not looking sexy


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