i think i need to be commited

i just cant handle it.. the regret, the heartache and the pain. they say talking about your problems makes them better. well bull fuckin shit. talking about the past only made it worse. revealing truths that were perhaps better left unknown. we had already moved on but now the wounds are fresh again and ..somehow WORSE. its a good thing i bought 2 bottles of wine because i think im going to be loaded for a while...


  1. i simply cant get past the fact that, if we had emails, or facebook or cell phones back THEN, all this shit cold have been avoided while there was still time to do somthing about it. whats the fucking point in knowing now? now that tis WAY too fukin late?? there is no way this can ever be FIXED. i just want to shove a pencil in my fuckin neck

  2. I am sorry you are going through this. You do not deserve this hardship and the problems. I wish I could answer what the point is, or at least find someone who knew the answer. All I know is knowledge costs, and the costs are never fair.

    I wish this a quick resolution, and I wish you peace and happiness.


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