strange visitors

i noticed these odd little fellows in my yard one evening. no idea where they came from or why.

the little bunny guys, wtf? lol. and the magician, well i dont HAVE a magician sim so i have no idea why he popped up. very odd indeed


  1. Did you know that if you pile a couple gnomes together, they will make new gnomes, like a little gnome family in your front yard? I read that somewhere and have been trying to see if I can get one to happen lol

  2. you mean like dragging one gnome on top of another one? hmm ive never tried that before. my gomes are always in a little group tho/ ever since generations i think. they all pile up around the lot in various places. and the regular mr gnome will age and spawn new baby ones. ive never seen any of the others spawn 'babies' tho. but these 3 strange new gnomes, might just be something like that i suppose lol.
    i also noticed when i played on my bf's pc, that the vampire gnomes now seem to age and dissapear after a while. the ghost gnome aged and died too. neither kind ever spawned babies

  3. Yeah that's what I meant. The spawn baby ones thing. I haven't been able to get mine to have little baby gnomes :(


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