so i decided to fire up the ol steam and play skyrim for the first time in a long time (pc skyrim anyway, i was playing almost nonstop on the xbox while my computer was broken)
and found my character at the beginning of the skull or corruption quest. so i go thru the whole rigamoroll, and just as i drink the torpor and open up the magic portal thingy so me and erandur can go kick his ex buddies asses, the game crashes.
this pisses me off quite greatly, because i was almost done and now i gotta start over. so, ohwell, i go thru the whole things again, and AGAIN the game crashes.
im so flippin tables right now.  ⌐ (°◘°)⌐  ≈  ┴─┴ rawr!


  1. Ah, yes, I ran into that one and it crashed three times before I found an answer to the problem. Don't try to save at any point during the quest section (and turn off auto save) as that is what is causing the crashing.

  2. yea i could have swore ive saved there before, must have been on the xbox version i guess. figures, i try to save so i dont have to do it all over if i fail and end u having ot do it all over anyway lol


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