ok thats interesting

was curious earlier, as to what exactly 'Hispaniola' refered to. since we didnt really study that in school in any kind of way, i had no idea. i thought maybe it had something to do with some empire the spanish may have controlled.
well as it turns out (according to my daughter's googling skills)that 'Hispaniola' refers to the area of the Caribbean containing Haiti and the Dominican Republic. so. huh, how bout that. so, as it turns out, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Spaniards, and other latino people. arent actualy 'Hispanic'.  but somehow Haitians ARE. just thougt it was kinda interesting.

know what else i find interesting? i found out what Charlie Sheen's real name is. Its Carlos Estaves. i always knew Emilio Estaves was his brother, so i dunno why i found it so surprising. it just kinda made me go 'wow neat'

and please no one get offended by this post. i am not hating on Spanish people, i love Spanish people. i just wonder about weird things sometimes.


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