i hate 'pro' gamers

you know the type. always has to have the ultimate build, critizies you on everything you do or say because its 'wrong' and insults everyone who doesnt play the 'right' way.
you know what? fuck you. you people dont play games, you rape them. a game is meant to be enjoyed, and for some of us, is a way to relax. you guys, have to dominate, pick apart the game to its bones, and exploit it to find the most power for you. how is that fun? ga,es are supposed to be FUN.
if i want to use a pet that looks awesome but isnt the strongest pet in the game, SO FUCKING WHAT. im having FUN. i play game to enjoy them, not to conquer them!!
its you guys who are ruining the mmo community. and you are always the loudest, most judgmental, and obnoxious players in EVERY game.
you know what? why should developers even BOTHER making a storyline, interesting races, characters, classes, and whatnot? cause none of that matters to you people. only how OP you can get. so once again i wonder, WHY TF ARE YOU PLAYING THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE? leave the games to the people who just want to enjoy them. you sad little boys with fragile egos, only feel like a worthy human being when you can pvp virtual people. pathetic little shits.


  1. This happened at this video game night at school. People brought their games and the most popular one was of course call of duty black ops (ew). I decided to give it a go and it was literally my first time playing. I swear I made at least 3 new enemies that day because those jackasses were so fucking annoying they were like "Wow you suck" and they would NOT stop. I finally burst and said "WHY DON'T YOU SHOVE A CACTUS UP YOUR ASS?"

    the annoying comments didn't stop but I did feel better lol

  2. hahaha i like that. ill have to remember to tell someone to shove a cactus up their ass XD


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