well life goes on

i need to try not to dwell too much on the past and mistakes ive made. whats done is done, no matter how tragic.
perhaps one day ill tell the tale, but not today. thank you everyone who lent an ear and a kind word


  1. That's the spirit, Zeri!  We can't go back, only forward.  Best wishes to you for this new year.

  2. Aw. I hope you're feeling better :(. Like Caspin said, just keep looking forward and don't dwell on the negative. Just keep thinking about the postivie.. You're ok.. Keep your head up. :) 

  3.  it will try. but its not so easy. there isnt really any happy ending for me. just the cold dreary existing. the bitch of it is, i COULD have had my happy ending. i was so close to it but didnt even know. if i only could have hung on a little longer... so all i have now is my regret and self loathing


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