like this status 1000 times cause im an idiot

whats with this fad lately? if you are not aware, lately people have been posting pics of themselves holding a sign, saying something like:
if this gets 1 million likes my dad will buy me a puppy!
ok the first one i saw might have been.. almost amusing, but really? there is like thousands of these stupid things now.
'like this status and my gf will blow me'
omfg, GO AWAY.
if i like your status will you go fuck yourself?


  1. It's right up there with "I did this really stupid, embarrassing thing but, instead of shutting up about it, I'm going to post the video on youtube so hundreds of thousands of people can see how much of an idiot I am". Are people that desperate for attention?

  2. lol yeah its sad really

  3. I had only seen the puppy one (or presumably one of the puppy ones) when you posted this. But since then there's been a flood of increasingly stupid updates about. Where's the 'no like' button when you need it?


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