sims is therputic

been getting reacquainted with my Ovevil family and things are going well. finaly built them a house that doesnt totaly suck. and i was looking at my studio and noticed Alina Gravedigger sitting there waiting for me. she was one of the heiresses from my Gravedigger legacy i played on my bf's pc. she was one of my favorite sims of all time. so i decided to download her, and hook her up with my Ovevil heir :D
they hit it off instantly. 10/10 attraction, and they are all hearts and floaty shit. hes evil, shes crazy. hes a vampire, shes a supernatural fan. and she has one of the hidden traits the family needs.
they have succeeded in distracting me pretty well for the majority of the day :)
it really helps when you can get your mind off shit for a while. then when you come back to it (cause crazy ppl like me always doo) it doesnt seem as bad as before


  1. Games, I've discovered, are my escape. Sure, life is okay for me, certainly not perfect, but when I'm in a bad mood, I run over people in GTA. When I'm feeling down, I play Skyrim or Sims. Nothing wrong with a little escape. ;) I hope things look up for you.


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