i feel pretty out of touch with reality sometimes

i really need to get out of the house. i just wish there was someplace to go. and even if there was, i cant drag all the kids along with me -_-
seems like im jsut destined to be a shut in, staring at the internet waiting for it to do something.


  1. Are there any activities you can get the kids interested in? It's not much, but you can meet other parents there. And getting out of the house will help you a bit. Admittedly, other parents are not the best people to get cozy with (no offense meant; just a lot of extremely obsessive parents out there who are competitive over everything). But, the stimulation of others can help, and you might make some friends who can help you get out of the house more often.

  2. well with no car, (and no money) my options on activitys are limited. and yeah i agree on the other parents thing. some of them give me the creeps honestly. ive been trying to bond with some of the other moms at the bus stop.. but being the awkward person i am i think i come off as weird. well i AM weird lol. all my kids are interested in is watching tv/video games. they dont really want to go anywhere.

    i would like to go out without them, to tell the truth lol. i miss going to a bar and seeing a band play or just something like that. play some pool. cant afford a sitter tho so im stuck

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  4. I know the feeling of being stuck. No money myself, no car, no real local job prospects... Taxes going up, so even if I did earn an income, it would quickly not be enough in this new atmosphere. Yeah, I'm pretty much stuck. Then again, I don't have any excuse I consider legitimate for mine.

    I do hope your situation improves. You don't deserve to be locked away all of the time.


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