wondering if i should download CAW

i been tossing around an idea for a sim story, an EPIC sim story, since sims 2. i dunno tho if i have the time or the energy to pull it off, so i havent even attempted it.

so basicaly, i have always been a big fan of ancient Egypt and the culture and mythology. i wanted to do a story about pharaohs and princesses, and fiendish court members and backstabbery. but, in sims 2, there wasnt really any egyptian stuff.

now there IS Egyptian stuff, so it will be alot easier to do what i envision. but there is still the problem of well,  the  royal outfits the pharoahs and the court wore, and of course, the nile river delta region.

i dont think the WA town would really do for this type of story. id need to build my own Egypt. but ive never used CAW and im not sure i even CAN. plus id need to do alot of research.. what did the houses look like? how were the towns and residential areas set up? i really dont know if its worth all the bother, honestly.

im a lazy person, and i already have alot on my plate atm. so i guess its just a dream that ill continue to fantasize about. im not really sure why i brought it up actually lol.


  1. I love all things Egypt too and I think its a great idea! One thing you could do to lesson the work load on yourself is to ask any simmers out there if they want to help you build an egyptian home and/or family.
    Theres a contest going on right now to recieve help and the fav. home/family gets a gift.
    Theres a lot of people who would help for free though, I'm sure :)
    If you do it, goodluck!

  2. yeah i have thought of that, but if i DO decide to flake out and not finish, i would feel like i wasted alot of peoples time and expectations.

    im notorious for quitting projects ive started :/
    this would be a big project too. maybe ill just have to kck myself in the ass and get it moving one of these days lol


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