Ike's Ink -N- Drink

well since the launcher NEVER works anymore, i guess i have to upload this here. I built a dive bar/tattoo parlor. the perfect place for all your drunken debauchery.

the pics i have dont really seem to do it justice.. but them pics of lots never do, do they? lol. its certainly nothing fancy, i dont have that kinda building skill. plus, i like my builds to be kinda roomy, and livable, so sims actually have room to walk around, and interact with things.

 a Foosball table and dart board for your happy fun game time.

 a salon station for your horrible makeover-ing.

 plenty of room at the bar for hitting on those biker babes or perhaps getting into a brawl.

 a large roomy tattoo station. no waiting! may or may not come with the decorative  CC. hopefully it does, cause its badass. there is actualy a waiting room, but i seem to have forgotten to get a pic of it

 the outside. not very snazzy.. but hey, who goes to a bar to look at the outside? i am using the 'place motercycles on community lots' mod from modthesims. if you want the bikes to stay on this lot, you will need it too. other wise, it will just have parking spaces. which is fine too.

the dance floor/jukebox. i think this jukebox can also be found at modthesims. i really dislike the dance wall speaker thing that came with LN. it seems EVERY time i make a dive, it plays classical music (wtf??) and i cant change it. the jukebox you can change to whatever station you want.

If you like Ike's Ink -N- Drink, get it here!


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