to Yazzie, Vidkid, and LE

this is easier than pming the same thing 3 times. ive giving this alot of thought, and i think im going to need to drop out of the various comps and activities im involved in.

its just too much, and i cant handle it all. i knew i was biting off more than i could chew, but i thought i could handle it. i guess i was wrong. i find myself not even wanting to open my game up anymore because im no longer having fun.. half my towns are tied up in comps and i just dont have the energy right now to put into them. i find myself just rushing thru them, and churning out so-so pics just to get it over with. and thats not fair to me, or anyone else in the comp.
and when i signed up for the waiting list for the editing thing, i wasnt expecting an opening this soon. i seriously panicked.

this is all on me. there is nothing wrong with the comps, nor do i have any problem with any of you. this is my problem. im a very high stress/anxiety person.. and when i start to feel overwhelmed i panic and 'fight or flight' kicks in.

so im running away. yeah typical me, taking off and disappearing. im a coward and im sorry to everyone involved.
i dont really know what else to say


  1. Aw Zeri it's ok! I'm sorry you have alot on your plate! I hope everything slows down and that your game becomes fun again soon! :)

  2. *hugs* I totally know how it feels to be overwhelmed, so no problem. I will miss you in my comps, but I rather you be stress free. Hopefully you can get back into the game soon. I know the feeling.

  3. Aww, no worries Zeri. That editing thing can be done whenever on your own time and if it makes ya feel more comfy just PM me when you wanna start or just read the tuts and drop me a line if you havea question. Sorry I didn't mean for it to apply pressure on you.
    Plus was giving you space :) you seemed to need it. Especially with everything.
    And I totally know about stress and anxiety. I suffer from panic attacks myself and with the stress I'm under at work, I'm about ready to blow my top.
    Hopefully with dropping out of the comps, things will become fun again. And if you ever wanna complain about whatever or get something off your chest, ya know the three of us will always lend an ear to ya and listen.
    So don't be sorry, we've all taken time away and came back when we were ready. And we know that everyone will be here waiting for our return.

  4. and you can always drop me a line here:

    I hope things go better for you :)

  5. thanx so much guys. i tend to pent alot of things up and then when it gets too much i just blow my stack. ill try to open up a bit more and not be so afraid
    you guys are good friends *hugs*

  6. *hugs back* :D

    You're a good friend too Zeri!


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