Ike's Ink -N- Drink is fail

so the first few play tests went fine, but the town i was using was suffering from the clock glitch problem, so i didnt spend very much time anywhere before i got too annoyed..

i put Ike's Ink -N- Drink in another town to further play test it. and it didnt really turn out quite like i had hoped. the way the bar is shaped in a V pattern, looks cool an all, but the sims wont sit at it to order drinks.. its like they dont see it. so you end up with a big endless line of sims waiting to get served. annoying. i tried re arranging the bar to be a more 'normal' shape, and i really dont care for it. it takes up half the dsam room and now the mixologist is a mile away from the bottle display behind her which doesnt make alot of sense.

and the other fail is the tattoo parlor/salon in the basement. because i had to set the place as a dive to get the bar to work properly, now no stylist or tattoo artist ever shows up. you can do it yourself, but theres no NPC.

so, all in all, it was a fail of an experiment, a fail of a lot, and im extremely disappointed with it


  1. Don't be too disappointed. That's how you get better at anything, by learning from your mistakes.

  2. V shaped sounds cool. The TS3 forums are full of complaints of empty bars in the LN world. So it may not even be your bar at all, but a bug. Don't trash the idea just yet. ^^ hugs

  3. empty bar isnt the problem. when there ARE customer,s they all stand around at the bar in a crowd, they dont sit down to order. empty bar would actualy work better lol

  4. Not sure who said it but I remember hearing this once - "I dont fail at anything, I just find what doesn't work"


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