man am i bored

weekends are so boring. especially when the kids are here. they just stare at the tv (or fight with each other) and the day just drags on and on..
not in the mood for sims today.. or villagers.. bleh..
well i TRIED loading up the sims, i figured id build or something. but it froze up. -_-.. so i guess those mirrors i downloaded from modthesims earlier are bad. dont feel like removing right now. the launcher has been crap al day too.. couldnt even download anything form the site. (needed Metalz patterns again, hes got some really cool ones) but nooo launcher PPTH.

and that t-mobile,ea promotion thing where you get the free stuff when you put in a code? well the stupid site glitches screwed me out of the car and the stereo.. cause i cant claim them again, i already did.. but they dont show up in my purchase history.


aw well.. the kids are fighting again.. guess thats all i have to do today lol


  1. Dr. Pepper awartds I been screwed on a few times. I feel your annoyance with promotionals. lol And BTW? BIG HUGS! Seems like you needed one. :)


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