doncha love cats?

so my daughter FINALY fell asleep at a decent hour tonight, so i decided to take advantage of it and join her in sleepytown.
well apparently, a whole house full of people sleeping peacefully annoys my cat. every ten minutes the little shit comes into my room, and starts digging at the closet door. after the first few warning noises, i began squiring him, and even THAT didnt deter him from his night time hobby of being an asshole.
well he finaly woke the baby up, so now im sitting here awake in the middle of the night and pretty pissed off at my cat.
that little moron is LUCKY i love him lol


  1. Aww sorry he woke you guys.
    My fiances old cat (RIP) would get mad if he slept while she was awake. She would come and put her paw on his forehead and tap and push on it til he woke up heh.
    Cats are funny little creatures :)


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