angry ranting and potty mouth-ing

im so goddam tired of laim i could kick a puppy!!! every fuckin time i post something i get white screen/liam/oops page like 5 sonovabitching times in a rown for weeks now and im about up to my frackin limit as to how much stupid crap i can take from a website i FUCKING PAID TO BE ON!!!! Photobucket
WTF is wrong with those people in charge over there? are they completely ignorant to the issues, or just dont fuckin give a shit???
writing emails to customer service doesnt fucking help either cause ive tried that and THAT gets you NOWHERE


  1. They are either totally incompetent or as you said simply couldn't care less.

    It is irritating when I'm lucky to access more than a couple of threads without an error message. It is even more irritating when I have to copy my posts because of the chance of losing everything.

    I'm close to abandoning that forum completely at the moment to be honest.

  2. yeah i kinda agree. as much as i like helping ppl over there and shooting the breeze, its SERIOUSLY pissing me off how many times i have to repost everything.

    today, literaly EVERY time i try to reply to a topic, i have to refresh 5 times

  3. I like helping people too, but I'm not sure I like a lot of the people around there now either. There's lots of lovely people but I'm not as comfortable there now as I was when I first signed up, and the technical problems aren't really helping.

    I'm on wireless so my internet is pretty slow as it is, so having to refresh and re-type my posts really irks me.

    They just don't seem to pay enough attention to the forum in my opinion.


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