Countess took to vampirism well

So did the count.

this is their castle.. i dont download lots often. im VERY picky. but this one is exceptional. not only is it frakin AMAZING to look at, its actualy very livable and i havent had to alter it much at all. if i can remember where i got it, ill post a link. i highly recommend it to anyone who likes castles.

here it is, Swamp Castle


  1. Wow they make some great looking vamps!
    That is a really beautiful castle.

  2. yeah its amazing. its even got life fruit plants and plasma fruit plants already growing. and a little disco! lol its got everything

  3. I think I had that castle once, but it caused too much lag for me (my laptop hates big lots). Is it called Epic Castle or something?

    Anyway, the Countess is gorgeous. :)

  4. its called swamp castle. yeah those big lots usualy lag me out too, but my new pc is a beast so i thought id give it a try. so far so good


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