anybody know anything about printers?

ive got an almost brandnew HP deskjet and the dam thing isnt printing properly. i posted a question on HPs website, but apparently they get back to you about as speedy as EA does.
i only bought the thying about 6 months ago, and i used it maybe twice. its acting like there is no ink in it, but there sure as HELL better be ink in it cause ive only used it twice. plus, i checked the ink levels on the trouble shooting dohickey and it said the ink levels are fine.

so wtf is wrong with this thing? i click print, and it goes thru the motions, but the page either comes out very faint and hard to see, or the page is blank :/

it worked fine on my old computer


  1. well after some trouble shooting and some back and forth with a tech guy, i figured out that my black cartridge isnt working. my color one prints fine. so i guess im printin in color!

  2. Is there a menu somewhere in the printer's functions for head-cleaning and such? Also run a page-alignment check, if there's an option there for it. Being an HP, there should be something like that in there somewhere.

  3. yeah i ran both those. the test prints all came out fine. but we realised the test prints were in color.
    the black ink seems to be dried up or something, and i dont know how to take the cartrige out and soak it


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