all uglyness aside

just getting rid of the unpleasantness from the top posts. as the days pass, the anxiety fades and im returning to normal. (normal for me that is :P) went to the DMV today for the first time in like... 15 years.. wow am i that old already?
it actualy went pretty smoothly. they were really nice, and there wasnt much of a line. i got in and out of there pretty quick. now i just have to wait 2 weeks to get my ID in the mail to get my bank card back lol.

in the meantime im updating my NRaas mods and gettting ready for a nice long session of simming. with the townie flavors.. i miss those. the first version of story mod had those already in it, and they were a RIOT. its been kinda quiet and dull without them :P i miss my crazies, and bullies and town bikes lol

but i lost my entire village in virtual villagers, nooooooooooooooooooo. well i beat it already a few days ago, i lost my new village. left it running over night.. oops.  they all starved :P. so i started again with a tribe full of runners.

anyone familiar with this game at all knows what im talking about here. villagers who like to run, they get around really fast and build skills ALOT faster. so when your randomising your villagers in the start of the game, i ALWAYS try to get at least 2 runners. and a running kid if possible.

sometimes you gotta hit that reject button a hundred times before you get a runner, but believe me, its WORTH it. so, now that i have a ton of runner,s it will be interesting to see how quickly i can beat it THIS time, heheh


  1. aww, glad to hear that Zeri. I hope you enjoy simming again. Never used the Nraas mod, any good?

    And Virtual Villagers O.O I LOVE that game. I played all of them. Didn't know about the runners tho.

  2. there is a new one, new believers, a little different from previous titles but still goof :D

    yes NRaas mod is the bestest. i spent an hour just enjoying the story tidbits from around town lol. man i missed that stuff

  3. I'm glad that things are better today and that the dmv went smoothly :)

  4. Heya :) Glad thing are lookin up. Sounds fun BTW ^_^


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