i dont beleive it

i dont know whats goin on 'behind the scenes' here, but i dont really believe Yazzie is suffering from Munchhausens. she has been nothing but sweet to me, and she is probably the only friend i have in the simmerverse who talks to me outside sims sites. she has never once acted in a way as to seek attention or try to garner sympathy from me, EVER. this whole thing just doesnt fly.

i have known some seriously whiny attention seeking people online in my many pathetic years. she isnt even close to being like them.
now unless i see some kinda evidence to prove to me that she is either lying or has a slip personality, i refuse to believe ANYTHING negative about someone i consider a close friend, without any kind of proof or evidence.. i dont do gossip, i dont do hear-say, and i DONT believe everything i hear. 2 people gossiping about her, is not evidence.

if the day comes when i am proven wrong, well then i will just accept that. but unless that day comes, im standing by my freind


  1. Good for you. You are right! :) A friend don't turn on you over "he said she said". Your a good friend. ^^ I am ugly, sick a lot, maybe even whiny when I feel bad, but I don't want your sympathy. :P lol :D I am happy with your friendship. ^^ :)


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