woe is me

my beautiful beloved unicorn is gone. Crying Smiley im not sure what happened, but im pretty sure he's dead.  i left town one day on a quest, and he got into a fight with my flame throwing familiar.  fearing for both their lives, i ran away from town as fast as possible, hoping the familiar would follow. i made my way thry the wilderness and toward my desitination waiting for my familiar to follow.
it took a really long time. i assumed she got lost. but after going thru my quest (and unfortunately, saving quite a few times) i realized that my faithful steed was no longer waiting outside town for me.  so now im franticaly going from town to town searching for him, but i fear the worst..
my prize is gone. and i cant go and capture him again because he was the ONLY unicorn in the game. a completely unique monster and mount.
woe is me...

he might have been a little 'high maintenance' but i loved that freekin unicorn


  1. We shall have a proper funeral for him, if he is indeed dead.

  2. i have been searching for his body. in this game dead bodies seem to hang around for a while, so im hoping i can get myself some proof hes actualy dead. if i never find his remains, im always going to be wondering... and hoping ill find him wandering around somewhere.. :(


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