ok so..

even my daughter (who sometimes irritatingly reads over my shoulder) says my blog is lame. so, im really beginning to wonder if its worth bothering with anymore. i have posted a poll. all opinions are appreciated.


  1. maybe a new template. dont give up!

  2. maybe a new template. dont give up! D:

  3. I like your blog! Keep going if it entertains you. When I started mine I had only one follower for the first few weeks, but I still updated because it was something to do when I was bored. If anything keep yours going for yourself. People read it even if they don't always comment. Maybe you could try some sort of contest or something if you want people to be more interactive. I don't know... I'm just rambling now. lol

  4. yeah that true, thanks guys. i guess im just in one of those 'delete everything and disaapear' kinda moods. ever get those?

    was thinking of doing some kinda sim talk show, using real responced from the sims forum, but i havent worked out the details yet. i have a habit of coming up with ideas and then getting too busy to finish them lol

  5. I like your blog too! I say keep it. :)

  6. Sod's Law Of Blogging states that the moment you delete your blog, you suddenly think of something really cool to have put in it.

    So keep it!

  7. LOL, I agree Mare's. XD

    But your blog is NO WAY lame, and to top it all off you're like the nicest person on here! *hugs blog* If you delete it, I'll cry. And I cry VERY loudly.

  8. Zeri, I know I'm late to this, but don't you DARE get rid of this blog. I'm a huge louse about keeping in touch with people, and I really apologize for that. You have no idea how much you would be missed if your blog wasn't around anymore.

    *hugs* please don't go anywhere. I only wish I could see more of you around Cece's, or even Kelle's blog. But I know your free time is really limited, especially during certain times of the day. I promise I'll be better about keeping in touch -- please forgive me for that <:(

    I'd love to see you talk more about your animal advocacy along with other random stuff going on in your game or other games. You have a niche for discussing real-world issues in an intelligent, relevant way, and I think it would be cool if you opened up those types of discussions every now and again.

    So basically...we won't LET you go anywhere. ^_^

  9. aw thanx cel that does help ^_^ *hugs*

  10. Zeri keep at it hon. Patience is a virtue and I think you have a lovely blog. I just entertained myself on the horoscope quiz even though I think I took the wrong one! Lol!! That's just me.
    My birthday is today and I just don't feel it. Just another day for me...another year older. You are down because you feel you are not doing much on your site...I get down because I feel like I can't communicate like I would like I would like with my friends and members in the bs box because I'm always working on improving and updating the site. It's really a catch 22 situation. You know you are always welcome at Cstyles...you are part of the staff and we miss you. I am running poor Evie raggedy. Maybe you can think of something would like to add to Cstyles that would also carry back here to your site. I'm game for ideas. Anything I can do to help you just let me know.
    Do you create Sims or homes or custom content post it on Cstyles and we will get it posted on ms3b and that will bring some more attention to your site.
    Hugz to you Zeri!!


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