just when i was thinking, "you know, my blog is really boring"

now the mares nest is doing a best poster of the year thing. boy does it really make it noticable that my blog has nothing interesting to offer! wow i used to be so talkative. lately it seems i dont have much to say.
 o well. i still want to spice up this blog some tho. but im not really sure how. should i do more 'sim' related topics? more personal life topics? or just controversial real life topics?
in the meantime, go check out TMN and vote!! (some of you are on there too!)


  1. i voted for u! hmmm...more simmy topics maybe. i just tend wing it myself. :-D

  2. yay a vote for me!! thankies XD
    im pretty sure i voted for you too, but i dont remember which section it was. there was so many great choices its hard to decide!!

  3. Just be yourself, and post whatever you want. Spicing it up, and not just letting what you feel pop out, would not be you anymore. You spice it up just being yourself, an origial person. I find your post quite interesting :D ;)


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