what the hell is wrong with TV stations these days?

its been a very gradual process... so gradual many of us may not have even noticed. but many MANY cable channels that were started with a specific purpose or theme in mind, have completely wandered off track. take for instance, MTV. this happened years ago, as the music was quietly shifted off, and teen based reality and game shows moved in. but MTV isnt the only culprit in this crime, oh no. see this related artical.
i find myself turning to the TV guide channel to see what is on, and instead find old movies or reruns of ugly betty.. UHM,  WTH?? i came here to SEE whats on, not watch a friggin crappy show i wouldn't be caught dead watching anyway. how about telling me whats on??
discovery channel... TLC,, your guilty too. wheres all the cool science shows? about the only thing even remotely educational on discovery these days is myth busters.
what is WRONG with the executives of these networks?? if you have a channel, which a specific purpose (AND ITS EVEN IN THE DAM NAME, HELLO CARTOON NETWORK, PLAY CARTOONS!!!!!) than stick to what you are supposed to be doing!!! there are plenty of other crappy cable channels devoted to old movies and reruns no one wants to watch.  where is the fukin logic in the world these days omfg


  1. Disney Channel's supposed to play Disney but it's gone and done HSM. Grrrr.... That ain't Disney, that's some vrap that the channel produced right? And they've done heaps of other crap like it. Now I don't get my fix on Lilo And Stitch, it's depressing.

  2. i loathe the disney channel. if it were just micky cartoons and reruns of alladin id be fine with that. but its this ridiculous 'teen' sitcom nonsense and pop star 'commercials'. all day long its 'buy my album, buy my merchandise, buy my posters. cause im cool, and you should be like me'
    its disgusting and i wont let my kids watch it.

  3. ^ Uh huh. I miss the old days when it WAS just the cartoons. Wizards Of Waverly Place is okay, but Hannah Montanah ad HSM and all this crap? GRRRRRRR.......
    Poor Walt must be turning in his grave.

  4. Zeri...my kindred sister...oh how I agree with all of that...you have no effing IDEA. Tv just makes me ill these days. It's great to find something on cable every now and then (Ovation channel is the best -- they talk about independent films, art, photography -- all sorts of awesome shiz). I watch Nick for Spongebob (yeah, I'm a Spongehead), but the second the teen shows come on I'm in a race to find the remote! lol

    The commercialization of it all is so out of hand. It just seems so plastic and safe and predictable...like old American cheese slices on dry white bread with water.

    ((sigh)) I could go on about that all day long... :(

  5. haha i love spongebob too! and yeah i could go on ALL day about what i hate about kids tv (and the media in general)


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