i feel an appology is in order

i know i have been a little harsh or snarky regarding teenagers and their online behavior in the past.
now there is a local pet group in my area that has an online bullitan board . now, this bullitan board is basicaly just about pets. buying, selling, giving away, advice, anything about pets. well recently, alot of the members have been really harassing other posters, and making threats, and being basicaly bossy know it alls. (you know the type, *ahem JARSIE cough cough*)
its really quite juvenile and sickening. no one can even post an ad for a pet now, without some self righteous jackass popping in to say 'your a jerk for doing that!!!, or you dont care about animals, bla bla"
and it occured to me, that the majority of these people, are less mature than MOST of the simming community.. which is comprised of primarily TEENS.

so let me say, i appologise, teens, for my previous remarks about your immaturity. adults are way worse!!! XD


  1. I don't think age has anything to do with it. *shrugs* Some peeps are nice some arn't. I just stick to the nice ones.

  2. I agree with Jess, you can be bossy regardless of your age... apology not needed, but accepted :)

  3. Hey Chippy! Fancy seeing you over here!!

  4. yeah maturity really has little to do with your number, and more to do with your psych-y... or howveva you spell that lol


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