so hes really dead.......

i had given up looking for his body and bought another horse.. he wasnt nearly as cool as my unicorn, but a black horse is pretty dam cool. i went a few 'days', and altho i missed my unicorn, i had just accepted that he was gone.

untill i visited my wizards tower.. there he was, sprawled out on the ground.  i nearly screamed. what a horrible sight to see, especially when i had already moved on. now im sad AND pissed. the only fukin unicorn in the game DEAD! if i had know what (and when) it had happened, i could have just not saved and loaded up a previous game and saved him. but noooooooo. i had to run off and save like 4 times before i even noticed he was missing.

im so pissed at myself. i loved him.. now all i can do i guess, is find the unicorn with my vampire character.. but i dont really think a unicorn is an appropriate steed for a vampire. and he has a horse already (that i paid quite a bit for)


maybe ill vampire my theif character and have my warrior guy cured.


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