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i know, arent you so interested? well, i finaly decided to un-vampire my warrior character, and vampify my thief character. it just makes more sense that way. now he can be the brave noble knight he wants to be, and she can continue to be the slippery sneak thief who prowls at night.. now with improved power!
i might go and try to get the unicorn with my knight character too.. since i lost him in my other game. (still mad about that) but im still deciding, because i did already buy him a horse so he doesnt really NEED a steed.

but at least i got my hot smexy warrior guy back. (man he was UGLY as a vampire) and my cat-person thief looks basicaly the same hehe. she actually looks cooler.


  1. lol i love oblivion on the ps3, probably my favorite game by far. That and fallout 3. I love those type of games.

    I try my hardest to not become a vampire. I did once and it sucked. I deleted the save. haha

  2. it does kinda suck, but its also very challenging. takes a bit of strategy to keep them alive. if not for a serious strength boost, i dont think i would bother. but my mage/thief character REALLY needs the strength boost. my other guy is still swinging around a 103 strength without it lol. so im glad to be rid of it with him. and hes super sexy so it made me mad when he got so ugly lol

  3. I tried getting in to Oblivion on the PC but it crashed almost non-stop. I swear if I ever get it for console I'm going to disappear for a few weeks... o_O

    Hot smexy warrior guys are just the BEST, aren't they...?

  4. yeah it IS extreamly buggy, even on consol. and ppl think the sims has problems lol! my BF and i both lost a saved game due to a loading error (luckily we had backups) it crashes randomly, glitches like hell, but WOW is it fun. and awesome. :D


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