being a vampire sucks

i decided to make a second character in elder scrolls oblivion, just to do other things and take other paths my first character didnt do. shes a mage primarily, so i made a big burly muscle man. well, in his questing for fame honor and glory, he accidentally became a vampire. i hadnt played a vampire before, so i thought it would be fun. but now i think it may be ruining his character.
Nabanu was a just, righteous knight. standing up for the little guy, righting wrongs, fighting the good fight and all that. (my other character is a a thief so i wanted a change of pace) well now that hes got to suck blood all the time, he seems to be sinking further and further away from his true purpose.
and i HAVE to have him suck blood or he cant go out in the daylight... REALLY ANNOYING. since most shopkeepers are only available during the day, it really puts a damper on things.  he does get a huge boost to strength being a vampire, and as he progresses deeper into vampirism he gets stronger and acquires more powers..
but im beginning to wonder if its worth it. i found myself joining the dark brotherhood today and i started thinking WHAT?? Nabanu is a good guy, why did i just join an assassin guild??
being a vampire is warping him. but on the other hand, being a vampire is fun. BUT on the other hand being a vampire has made him terribly ugly. but on the other hand its made him super strong.
im so torn as to what to do with him. i could try to cure his vampirism, but im still not sure i want to. i definately think hes on the wrong path tho.. i need to get him back on the strait and narrow. hes no murderer..... or has his dark gift poisoned his soul??

(alot of this game/character is just my personal role playing)


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