blarg, i hate zits

yes i am still plagued by acne at my decrepit age. foulness begone!!! its been pretty much the same my whole life. pretty much clear skin and then one day BLAM!. 5 zits all pop up. yeuk. this time i got on right on my lower lip. MAN is it painful. its one of those throbbing ones that feels like its alive. i cant stop fucking with it, but that just makes it bigger. i can wait till the dam thing erupts so i can tear out the core and just be done with it. GRR i hate it!!!!
i wouldnt mind getting zits in other place,s but why does it have to be on my face? (yes its been brought to my attention already that im vain and shallow)
im tired of getting zit scars cause i cant leave them alone.
maybe i should start a zit protest. 'down with pimples!!' lets storm city hall!! get the pitchforks!! ARRRRG!!!!!!


  1. I never had zit problems until I had my first daughter at the age of 24.I have had issues since.Although,it's slowing down now.

  2. Yes! Let's protest!!!! I hate zits and any kind of spots and scabs, down with them!!

  3. begone blemishes!!! powa to da people!!


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