i have stolen the elder scroll

wew hew! i managed to beat both the mage guild and thieves guild quest with my  kajiit character. and she is just so awesome as a vampire. in my last mission i had to sneak into the palace and steal one of the elder scrolls!! WOW was that quest hard!! i wont reveal any details cause their a huge spoiler, but that was the hardest dam quest i have had to do on this game. and i have the expansion where you get mehrunes razor, which is supposedly the hardest mission ever (cake)
and now im having some kinda horse glitch, which is annoying. ever since the unicorn died/disappeared, every horse i have purchased for her has vanished.  its really getting annoying cause being a vampire, it would be REALLY helpful if she could travel a little faster outside.. especialy if dawn is coming.
i swear, this game is glitchier than the sims. i NEVER thought id ever play a game with more bugs than the sims hahahaha.
so all you simmers out there, take heart. its not just us. this game freezes, crashes, twitches, things vanish, other things appear out of nowhere, things get stuck in mid air, saves get corrupted, and loads of other things lol.
but holy hell is it an awesome game. just like the sims.. glitches and all, we cant NOT play. its just too awesome!


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