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this is a subject that is very important to me. saving wildlife from extinction by MAN's hand. i just got an email today telling me about the african lion. apparently there is some kinda poison carbofuran which is being deliberately fed to them by local people, and they are dying horrible deaths.

 Right now, carbofuran a product that the Environmental Protection Agency says is too toxic to be used in America is threatening the majestic African lion with extinction.

A quarter teaspoon of carbofuran can kill an individual lion. Less will paralyze this mighty beast for up to a week, leaving a lion or lioness to starve to death or be killed by other predators. A dollar’s worth can kill a whole pride – plus scores of other species that feed on toxic carcass.

Sadly, this awful poison is still sold in stores or used illegally in many African nations to intentionally poison lions and other predators.

This is a horrible way to die for such a noble beast. or anything for that matter. please, if you care about wildlife, go to the website and sign the petition to help this disgusting practice stopped.

and please check out the main page to see what else you can do to help wildlife. i for one, am particularly disgusted at the aerial shooting of americas wolves.

if you love animals, please visit the site and at least look


  1. *is disgusted*
    *is now pissed*
    *goes to sign*
    'Nuff said.

  2. Can't sign because I'd need to give my address out and stuff. =-(

  3. Ugh, that's horrible! I also love animals, adn things like this make me really angry. *runs off to sign*

  4. i have been supporting this charity for a few years now, and they do actualy try to get laws changed and get things done. if you cant sign the petion Jess,s see if your mom will do it on your behalf. it costs her nothing to sign it.

  5. God, that enrages me. Thank you for giving us the heads-up on this Zeri -- I had no idea.

    Makes me so damn angry...I'm going to go check out the petition now. *Thanks again for the alert*


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