university days

altho i didnt have any particular need to send ozzy to college, i did anyway. he had enough traits to apply for 3 different scholarships. he met this lovely vampire his first day and made her his roomie

ok i know ozzy is crazy but... there is no one else in this class.. not even a teacher. is he.. imagining a class?

 his entire first term, he kept getting asked out by dudes. which normally wouldnt really be a problem, except that i checked his gender preferences and he isnt gay. but every single date call he got, dude

 another one. at least this one is sorta cute. i checked for attractiveness on every single one too, ozzy does NOT find dudes attractive, why do they keep asking hin out?

 this rude ass paparazzi fairy gave him chattery teeth, so ozzy gave him a face full of knuckle

 one of the locals ozzy befriended gave him a puppy! i hope i can bring him home with me!

 cmon, bring down a big one and squash that fairy!

 first term is over! he didnt quite have enough to get his degree in one shot, so hell have to come back. annoying as fuck, why did they do it like that?  and look he has his doggy :)

 he got home in time for snowflake day! half the damn town showed up

 he met elvira slayer at a party and they got along famously. but of course, before he could seal the deal, story progression mod married her off -_-

 back to college he goes. was kind lonley the second time around without his puppy to play with

 haha i  always wanted to turn that annoying llama into a frog

 he met this snazzy lady at a party and asked her to move in. she is now his steady girl. altho if she finds out how many romantic interests he has she might be a bit peeved

 second term, and hes STILL going to an empty classroom. why you raisin your hand? there is nobody there! nobody!

  flying colors, woo! he got a degree he doesnt need and wont ever use whoohoo! but at least he had fun :P


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