AARG. so i convinced myself to turn on the game today and i was happily simming away. then i got bored and decided to do some town renovating, since i was having that buydebug problem on my old computer, and didnt get my dive lot built.

annnyway, went int othe dive lot, got it all sculpted, built and finished, left the lot and it didnt crash (YAY) so i decided to move the vampire lounge as well since its got some kind of routing issue.

well the game apparently didnt like that idea and it crashed..

and of course, stupid me didnt save after building the dive lot so now i have to build it AGAIN. for liek the 7th damn time! ARRRRGGGG! I HATE BUILDING DIVE LOTS!!!!! if i could just move one from one world to another that would be great but i cant! i have to build new ones every damn time! FUCK YOU EA!!!!!!!


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