Ozzy is shaping up to be an interesting fella

 father son dance off

 ozzy is a budding young witch, so he need to practice his powers. and since the paparazzi are apparently not going anywhere (celebrity is like a disease) he might as well practice on them.

 found a strange machine in his mother's room. are you sure you should be fiddling with that?

 Andromeda finally got around to asking Ozzy to learn how to drive

 didnt take him long either

 little Lilyth is actually kinda cute. maybe ill hang onto her as a backup

 Ozzy seems to be a future sim, which is weird, cause i dont remember anyone in this family marrying a future sim, so where did that trait come from

 Mandragora's birthday at last!

 now she and all the undesirables can GET OUT

 are future sims phones supposed to look so weird?

 ozzy went to the future and met one of his descendants. LOL look at this guy

 another descendant. ozzy had some fun having dew fights with his descendants. which for some reason inspired him to make a dystopia.

 he began working on that right away. let see how many meteors we can suck out of the sky!

mother threw a costume party. ozzy used this opportunity to convince everyone present that the sky is falling and we should toss garbage everywhere. dystopia achieved!


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