last one for now

need a change of scenery so i started another save game with an alien guy. will be back to the samhains soon

 sent him back to the future and he tried turning trash into gold again.. starting to think this is a more effective way to dispose of unwanted family members than the cowplant. returned without saving cause i still dont have an heir lol

 well now i do! Bianca is finally carrying Ozzys baybeh

 its a boy! we named him Keifer. he has witch, fairy and genie. dunno why hes a fairy, neither parent is. grandpa is tho maybe thats why. plus i think ozzy was when he was born. o well, fairy toddlers care for themselves.

 tried to have a puppy with a random dog in town. was a ghost puppy -_-

 yeah Thor, you show the paparazzi just what we think of them!

 Keifer aged up! still the only heir, as Bianca and Ozzy arent having ,uch luck with risky woohoo. i might have to throw a procreation potion at somebody soon.

 turning a big meteorite into something lame, im sure

 success! Ozzy drank a procreation potion and got her good! she is about to age up too. after 2 days of listening to that horrible torturous kids music, she had twin boys. Artaax, and Saber. also witch genie fairies.. huh.

 she lost her looks when she aged up. o well we dont all age well now do we

 Keifer is aging up! isnt it always fun when your mom show up to your birthday party in her underwear?

 hes interesting.. not bad looking, but has some unique features. i can live with it if need be. but there is always the two backup boys!

now teach him how to drive!


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