eeny meeny miny mo

 did some minor renovations to the house. added a fence and a grave yard area

 darkend and greyed out the floors in the main hall, since they were so bright before

 also darkened the nursery since it was too.. cheery and didnt match the furniture. now it matches :D

 i took the color scheme and patterns form the nursery and put them in one of the upstairs bedrooms. the plant room. it more suitable here

 dirk an andromeda went on another date at the bar.. but it was so crowded she couldnt even get the bartender to talk to her

 smoochy smoochy. a fun little fling in the telporter thingy before closing time

 these 2 are a cute couple i think. and their colors are complimentary. only thing i dont like is dirks weird chin.

 foun some crystal tree thing in buy mode and put it in the garden. you can see it from the balcony upstairs

 ozzy aged up! another fashion disaster!

 xerxes and mandragora watching tv.

 found another thing in buy mode i never noticed before.

 mandragora is very meh. she has dirks chin for sure

 ho ho ho, look who got a surprise from their little romp in the teleporter

 dirk finaly reaches his LTW. now i can technically kill him if i want to. hell i could kill both of them. but i wont.. for now

 watching a little kids tv... just to see what happens

 its always funny when sims sit like this

 so far, my favorite is ozzy, but hes just not suitable. he got good facial features, but bad hair, and is missing witch. this whole legacy was supposed to be witches!

 mm cake

 xerxes has all the traits, and good hair but hes uuugly. got daddys chin. i do not favor him.

 hopefully this new one is better!

annnd hes not. andromeda had another son and named him pazuzu. i aged him in cas just to see what he looks like and he also has daddys chin.

so now i dont know who to pick. andromeda and dirk have both aged up so there is probably not going to be any more kids for them. maybe i could have one more but thats so many! so who do i choose? the cute one with no good traits, or the ugly ones with everything they are supposed to have?


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