an untimley end

 Ozzy's last day as teen and his father dies.

 he then had to immediately leave for the prom. with no shirt on, apparently. ahh crazy sims

 he rolled a want to buy a horse for some reason so he impulsively bought one. hasnt interacted with it since lol

 he actually had a pretty good prom, and aged up as soon as he left the school. adulthood time!

 after graduation i made him ride his horse lol

 i had to see what havok he created in dystopia future. so i sent him there and was greeted by a huge pile of trash. he played in it

 and there were these rifts everywhere. he jumped in those too

 after goofing off all over oasis landing, i placed his mother's happiness reward on the lot to see if i could turn some of this random garbage into gold bars. and it backfired and turned him into a gold statue.. my heir is dead...

 get out of jail free card!! i always make my heirs carry a death flower for just this sort of reason haha

 so after being resurrected his lovely statue was still there. i wanted to take it home and put it in my house. cause thats freekin awesome haha

but alas :( it was not a gold statue of Ozzy when i returned home, but an ice statue of some gremlin thing.



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