ok so i cheated, sue me

 Xerxes came back from art school because he discovered he had no art talent whatsoever.

 Andromeda had aged to adult

 and she and Dirk tried one more time to get the perfect heir

 i had her throw a witch's brew at Ozzy to try to get him to have fairy/witch/genie like all his siblings. well it erased everything and now hes just a witch. grr.

 boom! child number.. 4? 5? hell i cant keep track anymore

 why did i have another baby, why why why?
they had a girl at last (they has both wanted one last 2 times) but she wasnt suitable either. so thats it, im just going to fix ozzy

 he looks like an old man...

 well i think somebody has a full diaper!

 so i used MC to make ozzy a genie again. dont care about fairy really. and gave him a makeover. he also lost his freckle skin for some reason so i ll have to give him that back too. (i checked his old pictures, he definitely had freckles)

so a little cheating and i have my perfect heir, so i cheated, so what? isnt this what these mods are for anyway? lol


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